Barista course (Foundation) SCAE

Barista course (Foundation) SCAE


Learn about the coffee plant, processing & roasting
How to use and adjust machinery
Pull the perfect shot of espresso
Create micro-foam for delicious drinks

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Barista Skills Foundation course (SCAE)

This one day barista course is certified by SCAE and aimed at both home enthusiasts and those working in the coffee industry. You will learn how to make the prefect espresso and the drinks that accompany this base. Basic Barista is a great course for your staff who have just started using the espresso machine, ensuring they have a global understanding of both the product and process of coffee.

At the Barista 1 course you will learn:

  • Coffee botany, Arabica and Robusta beans, processing and preparation
  • Knowledge about the roasting of coffee, freshness, storage and life-span
  • Correct procedures of using grinders and espresso machines
  • How to set the grinder, dose and pull a shot of espresso
  • Troubleshooting, how to spot bad coffee by appearance, smell and taste
  • Milk steaming, how to make micro-foam – the silky, shiny milk that tastes wonderful and is perfect for latte art
  • The cafe menu, learn what the difference between cappuccinos, lattes, flatwhites and more
  • Cleaning your machine and keeping your work area clean throughout the day to ensure consistent taste and quality in your drinks

The Basic Barista course runs from 10am to 4:30pm and will help you gain a great insight into the correct process required to make the foundation of tasty coffee drinks – espresso. You will be taught how to steam milk to perfection and how to correctly construct the drinks on your cafe menu.
1 day course – 10am to 4:30pm

Price: 180€ + IVA

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